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Table of Contents [Hide] -- Youtube is one of the social media that is quite popular and loved by the public. This one media allows users to access videos and share them with other people. This is what makes it so popular because Youtube can serve users with different interests and needs. 

    There are those who access it to get information about the business, entertainment, hobbies, lifestyle, and others. There are also those who even make it one of the core supporters of the profession being undertaken. With such a position and function, Youtube offers many benefits and conveniences for users from different segments.

    Benefits of Using Youtube

    Benefits of Using Youtube

    Some of the Many Benefits of Youtube

    1. Providing Free Services

    In general, Youtube offers free services, especially for enjoying and accessing videos that are included in the system. This means that in order to access any video, a user does not need to have a premium account or pay a certain amount of money in a certain time scale. At best, a user must buy credit and use his quota to access videos that catch his eye. Users can access these videos for free, and that is one of the benefits of using Youtube. 

    The same provisions also apply to the service of uploading or displaying videos and making them accessible to users and the general public. Except in certain circumstances and conditions, such as videos with high quality, maximum brightness and various other uploaded features, premium rates may apply. This can usually be found on the official accounts of large companies that already have names and use Youtube as a medium for promotion.

    2. Downloading Certain Videos

    Other benefits of using Youtube is making it easier for users to access and or watch all videos that are included in its database, and also allows users to download certain videos. Such videos are usually in HD or High Definition size so if a user wants to watch a video many times, he only needs to download it. After the download is successful, a video can be saved on the respective gadget to be enjoyed anytime without using an internet connection.

    3. Accessing and Sharing Information about Technical Matters

    Many users access Youtube to find out how to do certain things. They are cooking demonstrations, how to use applications on computers or smartphones, concocting herbs and herbal medicines, and recycling waste. Mostly practical ways of doing various things that are initially complicated or ineffective, hone various skills and so on. 

    Therefore, apart from Google, Youtube is often the main and first reference for getting information about anything, and that is also one of the benefits of using Youtube. The difference is, if Google presents many choices of information sources, ranging from books, scientific articles, popular articles, news, and so on, then Youtube specifically provides videos.

    This is what makes Youtube special because it combines several things ranging from information, audio services, and visual services. The combination of these three things is certainly more helpful for users who want to learn something because they get a complete picture of how to do certain things that are effective and efficient.

    4. Accessing Video Streaming

    Accessing streaming video, whether live or not, is one of other benefits of using Youtube. Broadcasts broadcast on local, national, and even international television can be accessed via Youtube, whether the broadcast is currently or has been broadcast. Therefore, users don't need to worry and worry about missing the broadcasts they like, such as soccer matches, cricket, serial broadcasts or certain broadcasts of interest. If they're on the go and can't access TV, broadcasting on Youtube can be of great help. 

    The same thing happens when the user misses his favorite shows and broadcasts for one reason or another. All he has to do is visit the Youtube page, enter the appropriate keywords in the search box and some relevant search results will appear. This Youtube search box, located on the top left bar, is like a magic box on the Google search engine that allows its users to get whatever information they need.

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    Not only enjoying the information shared by other users, but Youtube also allows its users to share information about the things they are good at. Such as swimming techniques with various styles, tricks to fold clothes quickly and neat results, how to play ball, simulations to fight fire, simulate brushing good and correct, simulation of stand-up comedy, and so on. There are actually much more benefits of using Youtube. 

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