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Table of Contents [Hide] -- You must have often heard many success stories from people who have managed to get millions and even billions of rupiahs from Youtube. Not only do they have millions of subscribers, but people like PewDiePie or Casey Neistat can also receive a lot of revenue from adverts on their Youtube videos. 

    The way to get money from Youtube is by monetization. It means that you will have advertisements when posting a video on Youtube. However, getting money from Youtube is not only possible through monetization. There are several other ways that you can make more money by joining the Youtube Partner Program.

    Making Money with Youtube

    Making Money with Youtube

    How to Make Money

    Joining the YPP

    The first way is to join the Youtube Partner Program. However, not all channels can join this program. To join YPP, your channel has to be watched for 4,000 hours in the last 12 months and has 1,000 subscribers. These terms allow Youtube to evaluate the channels that are registered.  Apart from the conditions above, you also have to make sure you only have one Google AdSense account to start making money with Youtube. 

    Get Money from Youtube with Ads

    After being registered with YPP you will get more useful tools for creators. Not only that, of course you can post ads and get money from Youtube. So that your video can be advertised, make sure that the video complies with Youtube's requirements for advertiser-friendly content. If your video contains sensitive topics, it's better to turn off monetization on the video so it won't be banned from YPP. 

    Connect the Youtube Channel to AdSense

    After enabling monetization on your Youtube channel, you will need to do your associate and approved AdSense account to your Youtube account. Later there will be a Youtube Analytic feature that you can use to track your income, which will help you in making money with Youtube only if you complete or follow the existing Youtube payment threshold.

    Optimizing Monetization Functions

    To earn money from Youtube by optimizing your Youtube channel, you need to meet the following criteria such as first, videos must be user-friendly. The content must be your original work so that it can be promoted. Copyrighted videos that you plagiarize from the internet will not produce anything. You must pay attention to the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines that have been made by Youtube. Once your video has activated its monetization function, some ads will appear on your next video.

    Conversion Rate to Product Page

    If you are responsible for a particular company or business, you can turn your Youtube channel into an opportunity to increase your conversion rate. You just easily create a content that will show people why they should buy your product. Then make a link on your product page in the Youtube video description column. This is one of the best way in making money with Youtube.

    Live Speaking

    Later, if you already have a large fanbase or fans, you can hold meetings and greetings. You may just make a regular schedule so that your community can grow. This activity is carried out in order to increase your engagement with your loyal subscribers or viewers. Later, you can also sell products or promote other content during the event and also take advantage of this opportunity to get to know your niche market. Related: Benefits Of Using Youtube

    You need to think outside the box if you want to produce a compelling video to watch from start to finish, then re-share by people until it finally becomes viral content. You can start by examining some examples of the types of videos that are most watched by people and from there you can start making money with Youtube.

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