Benefits of Information Technology and Communication

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     Inputlearn.netInformation Technology and Communications are the technology needed to process information using electronic computers, communication devices, and software applications to convert, store, protect, process, transmit, and retrieve information anytime and anywhere. Related: The Role And Importance Of Technology Information

    Information Technology and Communications

    Through the history of the development of communication technology and the history of the development of information technology, it can be seen that the development of communication and information technology from time to time is running very fast.

    Information can also be sent in various forms such as text or images and through various information technology and Communication equipment such as smartphones, television, and other modern communication media. The rapid development of information and communication technology has certainly provided great benefits for human life. 

    Various fields of human life are now starting to apply various new technological devices to facilitate communication and work. The benefits of the development of information technology and Communication for humans are as follows: 

    Communicating becomes easier and faster

    The benefit of the first development of information technology and communications to facilitate and speed up communication. The presence of new communication and information technology has brought about a communication revolution around the world. In the past, it took a very long time to get or send a message to another person. 

    Now, communication is very easy and quick thanks to the internet as a communication medium. Through a fast internet connection, we can communicate via electronic mail, video conferencing, and others quickly, saving time and money. 

    Easy access to information

    In addition to providing convenience in communicating, the presence of the internet also provides convenience in accessing information. Now we can easily access and obtain types of information and types of news easily anytime and anywhere. The ease of accessing information has an impact on the increasing knowledge we have. This is the importance of information technology and communication.

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    Shorten time and cut costs

     In the industrial world, time and cost are very important in production. Before the existence of communication and information technology, production was done manually and required a lot of time and money because it was completely dependent on human labor. After the presence of communication and information technology, production can be done every day, quickly and costs can be cut. This at the same time can increase profits for each company.

    The trading process is carried out electronically

    In the business world, trade is the activity of exchanging, buying, and selling various commodities to a large number of people which involves moving from one place to another. Before the existence of information technology and communication, trade was carried out by barter or exchange goods. 

    This barter trading system was then replaced with a payment system along with the discovery of payment instruments. The buying and selling process is also carried out using legal means of payment. 

    This kind of system makes the trading process very slow and expensive. Not infrequently, marketers have to find ways to market their products to the global market. Along with the development of information technology and communication, trade can now be done electronically or in e-commerce. E-commerce plays a very important role in the economy because it contains a trading process that allows consumers to search for and buy products online. 

    Online transactions

    Regarding online trading, the transaction process can now be done online. We can find this in the banking system. Before the development of communication and information technology, the system of banking was done manually by taking deposits directly. In addition, transactions can only be made during business hours and working days.

    However, the presence of information technology and communication has changed the banking system to be more advanced. Now the transaction process can be done 24 hours, anytime and anywhere. Various online banking services are now being offered, such as online services, and others. 

    Make the learning communication process more interesting

     New information technology and communication are not only used in the economic field but also in education. Currently, various computer and internet-based learning media are starting to be used in the world of education. Teaching and learning activities no longer only occur in the classroom but can be done online.

    The use of communication and information technology in this kind of education is commonly referred to as e-learning. With e-learning, various learning materials are also presented in multimedia which is also a characteristic of learning media or characteristics of more modern learning media because it has the ability to monitor distance learning activities in real-time. 7. Assisting the government communication process

    The benefit of the development of information technology and communications to help the government communication process. Now, communication and information technology has begun to penetrate the government.

    Unlimited communication

     The presence of the internet as a supporting factor for online communication has made communication and information borderless. We can stay informed about events around the world and communicate with people around the world. We do not need to have to go to different countries to communicate with friends or anyone in the other country. 

    Share information effectively 

    The development of information technology and communication makes it easier for us to exchange information with people around the world. People can share and give information, opinions, or news through group discussions or other online forums and have an impact on increasing knowledge.

    There are explanations about information technology and communication, I hope this article is useful.

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