Understanding The Technology Applications

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     Inputlearn.net - What are technology applications? In computer science, the notion of an application is a software or computer program that operates on a particular system that was created and developed to perform certain commands.

    Technology Applications

    The term application itself is taken from the English "application" which can be interpreted as the application or use. Literally, an application is an application of software or software developed for the purpose of performing certain tasks.

    In its development, technology applications can be categorized into three groups, including;

    • Desktop applications, namely applications that only run on a PC or laptop.
    • Web applications, namely applications that are run using a computer and an internet connection.
    • Mobile applications, namely applications that run on mobile devices where for this category there are already a lot of uses.

    Generally, an application can run on various devices operated by the operating system (OS) on the device. There are several criteria that indicate quality and useful application for its users;

    • Applications can meet user needs.
    • Applications can run on multi-platforms.
    • Applications can respond to instructions quickly and require low resources (processor, memory, storage).

    Application Functions

    As previously explained in the sense of technology applications that an application provides convenience and comfort for humans in various areas of life. Some of the application functions are as follows:

    Education Sector

    In the field of education, the application has a function as teaching material. For example, an application that is useful for presenting material that is equipped with animations to make it more attractive, such as Microsoft PowerPoint. So that the teaching atmosphere becomes more comfortable and can achieve maximum results.

    Medical field

    The role of technology application also reaches into the field of medicine. For example, the application, can help doctors to diagnose diseases, mix drugs, and offer routine care. Currently, many applications related to the medical world have been developed.

    Business Field

    In the business field, the application has a function to help calculate the amount of profit earned. Because in some cases, if done manually, of course, it will take a long time, so an application is needed.

     Field of Science

    In the field of science technology application helps to obtain information related to knowledge. Many developed applications also help in certain research related to science. In addition, recently there is also an application that can bring together students who want to consult with teachers or teachers or experts.

    Military Field

    It turns out that the application also has a function in the military field. The application function in the military field aims to control the aircraft so that it is no longer done manually. Thus the results obtained will be more optimal than using the manual method.

    Application Classification

    To make it easier to recognize the types of technology applications, the applications can be grouped into seven kinds. The application groupings are as follows:

    1. System Software, namely applications that can manage and control internal operating processes in computer systems.
    2. Real-Time Software, which is an application that has a function to observe, analyze, and control an event in the real world while it is in progress.
    3. Business Software, namely applications that are created and developed for business purposes, for example, to manage the financial system.
    4. Engineering and Scientific Software, namely applications created and developed to help humans solve a non-algorithmic problem.
    5. Web-Based Software, which is an application that has a function as a media liaison between users and the internet directly.
    6. Personal Computer Software, namely applications that are used for official and personal user devices that are widely used today.

    Application Examples 

    There are many applications that are often used by computer and mobile device users in their daily activities. The following are some examples of widely used applications:

    • Microsoft Word, which is an application for creating, editing, reading, and processing documents.
    • Microsoft Excel, which is an application to help process numbers and create calculation tables.
    • Microsoft Powerpoint, which is an application to create and display data that is presentative.
    • Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, which are applications used to process image files.
    • Winamp, GOM Player, Windows Media Player, which are applications used to play songs or videos in various formats.
    • Adobe Reader, which is an application that functions to read documents with .doc, .docx, and .pdf extensions.
    • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, which are web browser applications that serve to help computer users surf the internet.

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    Various Application Examples in Daily

    In accordance with the understanding of the technology applications, the application is made to make it easier for someone to do their work or daily activities. Below are examples that you can use on a daily basis.


    It is a social media-based chat application that is now a mandatory part that needs to be owned by the community. More than that, Whatsapp has also replaced SMS and telephone which were previously used by most people. By using Whatsapp, a person no longer needs to spend a lot of money to send messages or call other people.


    One technology application that is no less popular than Whatsapp. Instagram can be said as someone's business card online. Now someone who wants to get acquainted will not ask, "may I know your business card" but "what is your Instagram?". This application allows users to share photos, videos, stories, and so on. Not only limited to social media, Instagram can now also be used as a medium to make money. Such as by opening business promotion services, advertising services, celebrity programs, and so on.


    One more application that is quite familiar to the public. YouTube, who doesn't know this one application? YouTube is an application that can be used to share videos. Currently, YouTube can be used as a medium to make money by becoming a YouTuber.

    There are explanations about technology applications, hope this can be your reference.

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