New Way to Block Websites on Android

Table of Contents [Hide] -- At some moments, sometimes, we want to block a site on Android. The problems also vary; sometimes, the website annoys you, has deceived you, and much more. We thought about stopping the area because of some of the problems earlier.

    Generally, blocking this site can only be done on a PC or laptop. Those two devices can be used to secure areas on Android; gadgets that already use the Android OS can also be used to block sites on your Android phone.

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    How to block sites on Android is very easy. There are several ways that you can apply. You can use additional applications or use a website that will later be connected to your device. Well, for more details, you can see the review I gave below about how to block sites on Android.

    How to Block Sites on Android Easily

    Block Sites on Android

    1. Using the Block Site Application

    The first way you can do this is to use an application to download on the PlayStore called BlockSite. You can download and then install this application as it should. If you have installed the application, you can run the application up to the accessibility menu. Well, here, you can activate the block site feature.

    On the right button, you can click it, and a permission pop-up will appear. Next, you can add the site URL that you want to block. To lock this rule, you can press the checklist button in the top-right position.

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    The advantage of using this application is that you can block sites permanently or only temporarily. And this application is also available in a free version, so if you want to use it, you can directly download it on the PlayStore.

    2. Using Google Help

    For this second method, you can ask Google for help. Besides being a reliable search engine, it turns out that Google can also help us block a site. The method is straightforward; you can open the Google application already installed on your cellphone, then enter the other menu.

    You can enter the settings menu and switch to Accounts & Privacy. After that menu, you can activate the site block feature on the Safe Search Filter menu. Usually, this is done by Android users because the site feels disturbed and dangerous for us.

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    That's the article that I can give to all of you about quickly blocking sites on Android. Because generally blocking a place can only be done on a PC, we can also use Android to secure sites on the smartphone because of speedy technological developments.


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