Some Applications To Record The Latest Android Screen 2022

Table of Contents [Hide] -- Screen Recorder Apps For Android? Maybe many of you like games and want to record them, but many don't know what application is suitable for screen recording on Android?

    Here I will share with you all about some screen recorder applications that you can use on Android and suitable for your record gaming needs.

    Some Android Screen Recorder Apps

    Android Screen Recorder

    Maybe if you see a youtube video that talks about gamming like Mobile Legends, PUBG, FF, most of them use smartphones to play games and record them to be uploaded on Youtube.

    Do you want to be like them?

    If so, here I will recommend an android screen recorder application suitable for those of you who want to make YouTube with gaming content? What applications do you think are ideal for recording gaming on smartphones? You can read the review below until it runs out for more details.

    1. Du Recorder – Screen Recorder

    Who doesn't know this screen recorder application? The DU Recorder application is trendy and prioritizes various features easy to use.

    This application allows you to record the screen with just one touch without the hassle of making various rules. Not only that, but this application also has editing features and live streaming!

    This application can only be used on androids that have Android OS 5.0 +. The size of this application is only 11 MB and has support for 20 languages, a high-quality video recorder, and no need to root to run this application.

    2. Mobizen Screen Recorder – Record, Capture, Edit

    Mobizen is one of the screen recorder applications that won the best application award in 2016. Therefore, there is no need to doubt the sophistication of this application. It is guaranteed that you will not regret it if you use this application to record the Android screen.

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    This application provides the highest quality in full HD 1080p video recording with a bitrate of 12mbps and 60fps. The advantages of this application are the addition of a face cam, editing features from recordings, and much more.

    3. AZ Screen Recorder

    Have you been with various video games played on smartphones? Well, I highly recommend this application to be one of the applications you must try on your cellphone.

    This application has a simple interface with various customizations that you can try. You also don't need root access to use this application.

    From the various android screen recorder applications above, you can use it to record your android screen, from playing games or creating tutorial content for your youtube channel.


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