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     Inputlearn.net -- Maybe many have used a Chinese smartphone, namely Xiaomi. This Xiaomi smartphone managed to attract the public's attention because the specifications are very scary at a pretty affordable price. So, you can buy a Xiaomi smartphone at a low price and superior quality for those who have a minimal budget but want to have high specifications.

    Not only that, but with MIUI, this is one of the pride for its users. And you need to know that MIUI 12 itself is already a package with Xiaomi or redmi. But behind it all, there is one problem or problem that is quite disturbing, namely the frequent appearance of advertisements on smartphones.

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    Sometimes when we enter the browser menu or enter system settings, suddenly, there are pop-up ads. This can be due to getting an advantage from Xiaomi itself because he sells his products at a reasonably low price.

    Now for those of you who feel disturbed by the presence of these ads, you can also remove these ads with various settings in the system. For more details, take a look at the following reviews;

    How to Remove Ads on Xiaomi Phones

    Remove Ads on Xiaomi Phones

    There are several ways to get rid of the ads on this Xiaomi cellphone. However, sometimes for some cellphones, you can't use one of the methods below; it would be nice if you guys tried it one by one.

    Disabling MSA (Xiaomi MSA Uninstall)

    The first way you can do this is to disable this MSA, and you can disable this MSA easily; the course is as follows;

    1. You can enter the Settings Menu, then enter Additional Settings
    2. If so, you can select the Authorization and Revocation section, and then you can choose MSA.
    3. If you press the MSA section to deactivate it, the ads will automatically no longer appear.

    Disabling Advertising Services (Disable Ads MIUI 12)

    If the first method has been done but ads still often come out, you can use the second method to disable the Ad Service.

    1. First, you can go to Settings.
    2. Then you select Additional settings and set the Privacy menu.
    3. You can press the Advertising Services menu to disable it if you have.

    Changing System Location

    The last way you can do next is to change the location on the system. The method is straightforward. You can enter the settings menu, select additional settings, and select Location.

    If so, you can change the location; for example, if you were in England, you can change it to Indonesia. If you have, you can restart the Xiaomi cellphone. If you have, you can see again whether the ad still appears or not.

    That's the article that I wrote to all of you about efficiently removing ads on your Xiaomi cellphone. Hopefully, this way, the annoying ads won't show up again.

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