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     Viomagz Premium Template Redesign by: Mas Gun. Yes, we know that the viomagz template is very responsive and suitable for bloggers who want to increase their blog views because it has been designed very quickly and gets an excellent page speed rating (99%) very fast. Isn't it?

    The template made by Mas Sugeng or the generation from its predecessor, Evomagz, is also very responsive but weak in the page speed section. As a result, it now gives the latest generation the maximum blog speed rating, namely viomagz.

    Viomagz Redesign
    Source Picture FaishalKC

    The Admin's goal here is only to share the Redesign of the Viomagz template, designed to be responsive and similar to the Igniplex template in the blog header section and the Widget menu similar to Arlina Design. Are you interested in choosing it?

    Templates features:

    Features Options
    Responsive 100% Yes
    SEO Optimization Yes
    Fast Loading Yes
    Ads Ready Widgets Yes
    Error 404 Yes
    Templates are made similar (Viomagz, Igniplex, Arlina Design) Yes
    Credit Link No

    Are you interested in choosing it? Admin is kind, don't worry. Admin wants to share it for just needs to be edited again, like the Navigation Widget.

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    Before downloading, Admin, remember to skip the short link first because Admin will give you a quick link from (My Safelink).

    Demo Click here

    Please try and install it on your blog. Hopefully, you will be satisfied. Next, Admin will redesign other templates. Who knows, friends, have any suggestions on what template to redesign. Leave it in the Comment column, yes.


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