Ideas of Online Business In Indonesia

Table of Contents [Hide] - Opening an online business without capital is not impossible. It means that an online business without capital does not mean that you 100% do not need to provide anything, right! You can do this online business without capital as long as you have a laptop, internet, skills, and experience even though you are not too qualified. Here is ideas online business in Indonesia.

    Ideas of Online Business In Indonesia

    Ideas of Online Business in Indonesia

    These online business ideas can certainly be an option for those of you who want to have additional income from home. Especially because the current pandemic conditions make many people limit their activities and stay at home. In addition, opening this business does not bother the perpetrators to spend more, such as renting a shop, buying stock of goods, paying employees in large numbers and so on. 

    This business is often glimpsed and used as a way to generate more income, ranging from housewives, office employees to students willing to pursue it. Now for those who want to start a business, here is some profitable online business in Indonesia.

    Handicraft Making Business

     Making a craft is not an easy thing, that's why every handmade artwork is always expensive. Because the process itself is not as easy as many people think. Therefore, you can also use this business opportunity as an opportunity. Handicraft business especially if you really like making crafts from certain materials, don't just enjoy it and try to market it online. It's definitely not easy to find a buyer, but don't use that as an excuse to give up. 

    This home-based business opportunity can be made from any materials such as plastic bottles, patchwork, used tires, and other items that are not used. Starting it can also be done with very minimal capital, as long as you focus on running it as online business in Indonesia.

    Business Opportunity to Open Catering 

    Have a hobby of cooking and can serve delicious food? Maybe this one business can be a solution to your financial problems. In addition, you can also make it a business opportunity for others. Because, of course you will need some help to solve it. It is a business as a first step, you don't need to recruit many employees, just ask for help from people around you.

    Only if it has grown and has many orders, you can consider recruiting many employees. There are special tips so that the catering business opportunity that you are living can be in demand and ordered by many people as online business in Indonesia.

    Trying as an Article Writer 

    Being a writer is not easy, especially if you have no previous experience at all. But that doesn't mean you can't try this business opportunity. You can still try it as long as you want to learn either self-taught or directly from the expert's article writer business opportunity. Author Almost every day there are vacancies for both SEO and non-SEO article writers.

    This is online business in Indonesia, so you can make this an opportunity to increase your income. But of course before that, you have to learn first about good and correct writing procedures. Because learning to write neat and relevant articles can't be instant. There is a series of processes that must be followed. If you have become a professional, then you can develop this online business and find as many clients as possible.

    Dive into Popular Healthy Food

    In addition to catering, you can also try healthy food business opportunities which are really needed by the community, especially office workers or housewives who don't have much time to cook healthy food business. There are various types of healthy foods that you can create, ranging from organic food ingredients, healthy snacks, sushi fruits, pumpkin cookies to food for vegetarians and food for diet. 

    You can choose whichever suits your skills as online business in Indonesia. To start developing a business, you really have to master the knowledge. But before taking this business opportunity, there are some important things you should pay attention to, namely: Pay attention to the quality of the materials used. Learn about the calorie count and nutrition for each food. Frequently updating social media and providing testimonials so that many are interested and believe in ordering your food.

    Cultivate the Field of Ornamental Plants 

    As happened during the current pandemic, ornamental plants are in great demand among the public. Even for the price it can reach millions for one plant only. This business opportunity is perfect for plant lovers who are confused about what business to open. 

    Ornamental plant business recently, there has been an uproar about widow belong and taro plants whose prices have soared up in the market. Even for this perforated widow, it was sold at a price of 85 thousand for the smallest and 15 million for the good ones. This is a very famous online business in IndonesiaIt's fantastic, isn't it? 

    Starting a plant business from scratch may be very difficult, so you have to take the following steps so that your business grows and develops, including: prepare enough capital to buy plants and all the knick-knacks. Create social media accounts for promotion. Conduct market research on what plants are in demand gives reasonable price and not too expensive. 

    There are ideas of online business in Indonesia, hope this can be your references. 

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