5 Signs Your Whatsapp is Blocked

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     Inputlearn.net -- WhatsApp has now become a communication tool that is very widely used worldwide. The many exciting features in WhatsApp are why Android and iOS users very much love this WhatsApp application.

    Besides connecting us with other people, this WhatsApp application can also keep us away from each other due to contact blocking. And apparently, there is a separate sign to see if your WhatsApp has been blocked.

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    For those of you who don'tdon't know about the signs that WhatsApp has been blocked, then you can read the review below about the signs that other users have blocked the WhatsApp application. For more details, please read below.

    WhatsApp Blocked Signs You Must Know!


    You can pay attention to several signs if it happens to your WhatsApp contacts one day.

    1. Can't See "Last Seen."

    The first sign is that you can see Last Seen, or the last time the user'suser's WhatsApp application was opened. However, the previous Seen status that is not visible does not mean that the WhatsApp owner has blocked you.

    Because that person set Last Seen'sSeen's privacy, which makes other people unable to see the last status when opening the WA application.

    2. Default Profile Photo

    In addition to last seen, it turns out that the default profile photo can also be a sign that you have been blocked from that contact. The default photo is usually an image of a person in gray. But, this does not mean that you are blocked. It could be that the person intentionally does not use the Profile Photo for the WhatsApp application.

    3. Unsent Chats

    The third sign is a chat that continuously checks 1 for several days. After the two signs above, you can try to send a message to the contact; if the checklist is one (not sent) for a few days, you may have been blocked by the Whatsapp user.

    4. Can't Call

    The next sign is that you can contact the contact; the status in the call is only calling if the WhatsApp application is active and not blocked, then the situation when calling is ringing. In this way, you have likely been barred from the WhatsApp contact for a few days.

    5. Can't See Snap (Whatsapp Status)

    The last sign is that you can no longer see the status created by that user. If the four signs above have occurred on your WA, you will no longer be able to see the Snap or the quality of the WA user because your WA has been blocked.

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    Well, that's the discussion about the WA sign blocked by other people that you must know. Of course, there are many reasons why your WA is being blocked, for example, personal problems or so on. Everything returns to each other. Hopefully, this article is helpful for all of us.

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