10 Tips for an Online Marketing Strategy

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     This time I will discuss "How to learn about online marketing" and "Online marketing plan tips."

    Definition of Online Marketing Strategy

    Online marketing strategy for business. Online strategy, commonly called Digital Marketing, is an online marketing technique with only an internet quota. Besides reaching your customers worldwide, online marketing can also be done just in front of your cellphone screen.

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    Through online marketing, everyone knows that this strategy is very efficient because it seems that business actors are open all day and can be accessed worldwide. The following are 10 tips on online marketing strategies that you need to know, including:

    Online Marketing Strategy

    Online Marketing Plan Tips

    1. Domain

    Creating and determining a domain name for your online store is an online marketing plan. I recommend making the domain name unique and easy to remember. You must carefully define a domain name suitable for your business so that when customers type keywords on Google, they can easily find the products you offer. So make a domain that is different from the others and easy to remember.

    2. Create a Client Email List

    These tips are an effective way to progress your online marketing business by listing clients who have visited your site. But do not use the email for other purposes because it can damage your business image.

    3. Introduction Page

    Do you think this page is not essential? You're mistaken. This page will be significant for planning online marketing. Building a page for your business is very important because customers need clarity about what you offer on your site. Also, add pages related to the privacy policy, disclaimer, social media contact, etc. This is needed by your customers later to give messages indirectly.

    4. Links to social media sites

    Until now, there are so many social networking sites and no stranger to online marketing. So it's best if you have a product, include social media shares such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. So that people who view it can share your post to show their friends about the offer you made.

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    5. Added product search function

    Now, this method is also efficient for you to try. Installing a search on the site can make it easier for your customers to find the product they want. It can reduce search time and is very efficient. Usually, an online store site is also equipped with the categories on offer because it can also optimize customers' search according to existing topics.

    6. Create a Mobile Version of the website

    The mobile version of the website allows customers to contact or access your products. Only with a smartphone can they reach your site. This method is also very efficient and can optimize your online store site.

    7. Online marketing videos

    The use of video in the online marketing business is prevalent nowadays. According to research, every business person makes a video less than 5 minutes long, but the information explained is clear and precise, so customers will immediately click on the link listed in the video. For example, you make an online marketing video through the YouTube platform. You explain the product you are selling by providing complete and complex information. The audience will flock to look for the product.

    Online video marketing is widespread among online business people; interested in trying it?

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    8. Include product promotions on your site

    Add free products to your purchases, so you can sell more products and make your customers very satisfied. Discount product packages can make your customers only pay a reasonably affordable price when buying your development as a whole. But you have to remember too, don't give discounts too often and make your business lose.

    9. Make money from the website

    Suppose you have access to many of your customers after doing online marketing. Then you will find it easier to get additional income through the website. For example, Affiliated Products Advertising: You can connect with manufacturers to market their products online through your website and earn revenue from advertising. This method is essential to get your income.

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    10. Record Customer Problems

    Finally, record your customers' complaints. It is certain that from 100% of your customers 40% will be dissatisfied with the products you offer. They will criticize products that they think are not as expected. It is hoped that you remain calm, understand the problem, and respond to it. Because if you are wise in responding professionally, your credibility will increase rapidly.

    "Last message from me."

    Keep the spirit to reach your goals in doing business online. Be fair, clean, and professional. And the point is don't despair-warm greetings from me Admin (Mas Gun).

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