Definition of hard disk and its function

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    Understanding Computer Hard Drive

    Hard disk is hardware (hardware) computer support that provides data storage or output of computer data processing. Hard disks are generally box-shaped, and inside there is a cassette disk where the data has been stored. Hard drives are permanent data stores; even if your computer dies, the data is still stored on the hard drive. The thing that affects the data on the hard drive is lost is the presence of a virus interaction, or the hard drive is affected by a malicious virus attack.

    Computer hard disk function

    The function of the hard disk is, as mentioned above, which is to store your data permanently. Unlike RAM, RAM itself functions to store temporary data. Therefore, the hard disk plays a vital role in keeping the data you have created so far.

    There are two types of hard drives, namely Sata and Ata, so what is the difference between the two? Here's the explanation.

    SATA and Ata

    Difference between SATA and Ata hard drives

    The difference between these two hard drives is the shape of the cable socket. If the Ata socket cable tends to be large, this type is the old model hard drive. And the SATA hard drive has a small cable socket and is already installed on the hard drive.

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