The Best Way to Present Advertising Posters

Table of Contents [Hide] - Many companies have used advertising posters for business purposes. Whether for product advertising, promotion of an event, educating the audience regarding the company's vision and mission, or other business needs. Posters used to be popular in the form of print media. Now signs in digital format are also popular. Poster printing is one of the graphic printing techniques, namely digital printing, which is currently developing.

    Advertising Poster

    Contents of Advertising Poster

    On advertising posters, headlines can be enlarged so that they can be read from a distance. And if you don't have that much information, you can use a simple infographic to illustrate it. But suppose you do have quite a lot of information. In that case, you need to organize it more structured, for example, by using a significant title, then arranging the layout of the design neatly so that it is comfortable to read.

    Poster Design Mistakes

    The most common mistake in presenting posters is adding too much information. In contrast, most people read signs to find out a brief description of the event, date, time, location, and place where people can get more information, in this case, contact or website address.

    Indeed, presenting a lot of information does not make the poster lose the aspect of information to read. But instead makes it more similar to a document or report. At the same time, the function of the poster is not for such lengthy information. Because there's no way, anyone would enjoy reading the documents on the wall. They usually pass by and skim through it.

    Experimenting With Typography

    When presenting a poster, a lot of information can be expressed in the form of text. For that, you can experiment with different types of typography and try different fonts to create the perfect look.

    A unique font may be needed to create a stronger impression. But of course, it must still be read quickly and comfortably.

    Poster Presentation Hierarchy

    For example, the event poster can be arranged with the following structure.

    1. Event name
    2. Company name
    3. Brief description of the event that is interesting and inviting
    4. Event date and time
    5. Event location
    6. A place where they can get more information, such as a website or contact

    Although there are only six main things that must be included, the poster must be made as informative and attractive as possible to motivate the audience to join the event. But of course, it also depends on the event being held is exciting or not. If the goal is to advertise a product or other business need, adjust the structure of your content.

    Keep Designs Simple

    Creating a design that can divert attention from surrounding objects can also increase the effectiveness of the poster. Advertising posters are one of the most effective types of promotional print media and are often used by marketers to introduce their products or increase sales.

    Advertising Poster Size And Shape

    You can present advertising posters in various shapes and sizes. The A4-sized sign allows you to carry and install it more quickly, especially on boards in public places.

    But for more significant visual impact, a larger poster size like A3 or above might work better. Larger, colorful posters have a greater chance of influencing and grabbing an audience's attention. But only use it if you have a nice place to display it. A3 size in public places is usually distracting and may even be prohibited in certain public areas.

    Consider Installation Location

    Another critical factor is the place where the advertising poster is placed. The visual arrangement should be adjusted to avoid confusing the surrounding situation, and the people who see it can also appreciate the sign you put up. Then another thing is the color adjustment with the poster's vertical media; for example, if it is installed on a dark wall media, the color selection can be made light so that it does not blend or blend with the wall color.

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