5 Easy Tips to Increase Alexa Rank

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     Alexa rank is the opposite of Google PageRank which if the smaller the number, the more popular the site will be. For example, Google.com is ranked #1, followed by Facebook.com, ranked #2, YouTube #3, Yahoo #4, and so on. Many bloggers are vying to streamline Alexa rank for SEO because it plays an important role in getting a high-selling value blog.

    Alexa rank
    Alexa Rank

    Usually, on new blogs, Alexa Rank doesn't display numbers or data, but if it's been a long time and the blog already has a lot of articles, the ranking numbers will appear both global and Indonesian. But some are confused as to why the blog already has high traffic, but the Alexa rank is still in the millions and tens of millions; therefore, to overcome this, maybe you can see the tips explained below.

    This time I will share how to increase the latest fast Alexa Rank. Please follow the following step-by-step tutorial, complete with pictures for those of you who want to increase your Alexa ranking on your blog or website.

    Tips for Fast Alexa Rank Down:

    1. Regularly Post Articles

    Posting or updating quality articles regularly and regularly at least once a day or 3-4 times a week is an effective and accurate way to streamline the Alexa rank of your blog, WordPress (mywapblog), or your website.

    2. Claim Your Site

    Registering then claiming and verifying to include the site on Alexa is necessary to reduce the Alexa rank because the Alexa script installed in the blog template can make it easier for Alexa to rank. Click How to Register a Blog To The Latest Complete Alexa Rank for more details.

    3. Install Alexa Toolbar

    According to many sources, the more people who have previously installed this toolbar (including my friend as a site owner) and then access or visit your blog, the more Alexa counts, likely lower the Alexa rank. For more details, click How to Install Alexa Toolbar In New Firefox And Chrome.

    4. Install the Alexa Widget

    Adding the Alexa widget to your site, in addition to knowing or displaying the Alexa rank on the blog display, is also believed to help to increase or increase the Alexa PageRank. Click How to Install the Alexa Rank Widget on the Latest Free Blog for more details.

    5. Diligent Blogwalking

    Blogwalking is an activity that bloggers usually do to comment on blogs to get a lot of traffic to make our Alexa rank lean fast.

    So that's how to increase the Alexa rank of a blog website.

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